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From The Desks of Pastors Gayle and Shaunee Brannan

Vertical Encounter Church, we want to thank those of you that made it a priority to be in service this past Saturday night despite the weather and other obligations.  We also thank those that tuned in to the live stream with Pastor Gayle having expressed the importance of this service.


Most of you know by now through the announcement made during service that after careful prayer and consideration, counsel by our spiritual covering, and conversation with our leadership team, that we have made the decision to suspend in person services for the remainder of the winter season, all the way through March of this year, and will taking advantage of bringing you the word and worship via a virtual model.  Services will be held Sunday mornings at 11:00am via live streaming with a limited in person audience.  We will have a rotation of member attendees weekly to provide everyone with an opportunity to attend as desired.  A sign-up list will be created for members to request a slot to attend.


As mentioned in the service Saturday, there were many reasons that we arrived at this decision.  We believe that God’s plan and vision for Vertical Encounter cannot be achieved at the pace that we are currently going.  Like most churches, the current climate and culture of the western church, along with the pandemic which began in 2020 has caused a trickle-down effect that has resulted in many voids in the church community.  We have persevered for quite some time consistently pushing beyond the persisting challenges.  But we believe that God has led us to use the next three months to restructure, strategize, and implement a new model that will provide us with a new culture for Vertical Encounter to be able to operate, thrive, and see a different level of fruitfulness in our church community.


Over the next three months we will be meeting with our leadership team, volunteers, and membership to implement a new model that will accommodate our Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Prayer Team, Security Detail, Music Ministry, Hospitality and Greeters, Media Team, and all other ministries that may fit the new model.  During this time, as we restructure, we will be providing an opportunity for you to get involved with these departments and receive the necessary training.

During these three months, we ask for the following from our membership:



We ask that you continue to remain faithful in your online attendance of our main service on Sunday’s at 11am, and our mid-week Insight & Prayer Service that will now be combined into one service on Wednesdays at 7pm.


Though we will not be meeting in person, your consistency and diligence to remain faithful in your tithes and offering will provide us the opportunity to remain afloat and put us in the position to secure a new facility over the next three months.  We are actively looking for a facility that will accommodate the vision and new model that we are working to execute.  We simply cannot achieve this without faithful givers that believe in Vertical Encounter.


As we move forward into a more active ministry, we will need the help and service of our members and church community.  We will have new ways for you to serve and partner with the flow and function of our ministry.


Please pray for Vertical Encounter Church, its leaders, members, your part, and role within this ministry, and most importantly, that the will of God be done.


We love you all sincerely.  Thank you for taking the time to pray.

Pastor’s Gayle & Shaunee Brannan

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